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Read this. Don't read this.

by Peter J Woods

Side A 10:00
Side B 09:55



What to do with this insert:

1. Place insert in front of you.
2. Play the music on the accompanying tape.
3. While the music is playing, read the insert and follow the instructions in order to achieve a brand new listening experience.

Listen-stop listening-listen-listen-read this-listen-hear this-listen to this-stop hearing-keep listening-stop-don't read this-listen-stop listening-appreciate this specific sound-stop listening-hear everything without listening-stop-reading-start reading-read this-don't listen-listen-keep listening-keep listening-keep listening-stop listening-think about what you just listened to- hear this-stop-hear this-stop-don't read this-read this-read this again-start over-keep listening-stop-start-listen-keep listening-stop-hear this-listen-repeat this-keep listening-don't hear this-stop listening-hear this-read this-stop-don't read this-repeat half of this-keep listening-keep listening-keep listening-stop listening-don't listen-don't listen-don't listen-think about what you just didn't hear-stop listening-listen-listen harder-listen closely-listen very closely-dissect what what you are hearing-keep listening-stop listening-remember what you heard-replay the experience in your head-keep listening-keep listening-get distracted-forget about this-stop-keep listening-stop-keep listening-keep listening-stop-keep listening-stop-read this-don't read this-read this-keep listening-stop-don't read this-hear this-listen to this-listen harder-vaguely listen-push the music int the background-stop-read this-keep listening-keep listening-listen-hear this-don't hear this-listen-keep listening-don't listen-stop-keep reading-don't read this-stop-don't hear this-keep listening--stop listening-don't listen-stop-read this-keep listening-keep listening-stop listening-hear this-continue to not listen-hear this-don't read this-stop listening-keep listening-stop-go-keep listening-don't hear this-react to this-vocally read to this-stop-discuss this-listen to this-only listen to this-keep listening-only hear this-hear nothing but this-stop-keep listening-reap any of these directions in any order you see fit until you can no longer hear the music being played


released September 17, 2009

Originally released as a c20 on Community College Records

Community College 039
Edition of 55


all rights reserved



Peter J Woods Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Theatrical Harsh Noise from Milwaukee, WI. Member of Phoned Nil Trio and xALLxFORxTHISx. Head of FTAM productions and curator of the Milwaukee Noise Fest.

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